Sterling Loop final design

Vision: Sterling will be a model, on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, of good health and opportunities for physical activity.

Mission: To provide the infrastructure and leadership to make biking, walking and running prominent activities for residents and guests of Sterling.

The Sterling Loop Committee continues to move forward on the development of a multi-use trail that will loop around the City of Sterling. The trail is proposed to interconnect all RE-1 Valley Schools, as well as Northeastern Junior College; it will tie in three parks, including Pioneer and Columbine; and it will tie in Overland Trail Recreation Area, Overland Trail Museum and the Logan County Shooting Sports Complex.

Check out this video that shows the first leg of the proposed trail:

The committee has identified three objectives to meet their mission.

  • To build a multi-use trail around the perimeter of Sterling by 2020
  • To develop weekly trail use and bicycling activities
  • To raise awareness about the trail and the trail’s potential

In conjunction with the trail project, the City of Sterling has submitted an application for the Colorado Department of Transportation “Safe Routes to School” grant, which is a non-infrastructure grant that provides instructions to physical education teachers and others about riding, repairing and safety related to bicycling so they will instruct students about these topics. If awarded, the grant will provide three bikes to each of these Sterling schools – Ayers, Campbell and Sterling Middle School.

A Tread for Trails event will be held May 14. Please watch for details.



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