Things To See and Do

It’s a good time to be a Sterlingite. The cooperation of many has ignited the revitalization of Sterling’s downtown, the abundance of natural resources has energized an economic surge for the area, and the fickleness of Mother Nature ensures a variety of seasonal weather for all sorts of activities.

So why not visit this hub of northeast Colorado? Sterling 2With 15,000 people, this city in the northeast corner of the state is two hours from any traffic jam and offers local culture with a good dose of old-fashioned ingenuity in an urban setting.

And did we mention Sterling boasts 331 clear, sunny days a year?

– Whether you take a stroll downtown, tour the art galleries at the community college or take a quick trip down the road to Merino (home of Ralph Edwards), there is plenty to see while you’re here.

– Have you been bowling lately? 18 lanes are waiting for you just down the street!

– If you’re a golfer, you might want to spend a relaxing afternoon at one of Sterling’s two golf courses!

– Escape the real world for a few hours and take in a movie downtown.

IMG_0621– If it’s just too nice outside to stay indoors, there are lots of outdoor activities to choose from.

– Don’t miss one of the best museums in the country–and learn about our way of life in this part of Colorado!

– Sterling’s recreation center can help you blow off steam or cool off in a pool–check it out!

– If you like sculpture, you can see works by Bradford Rhea all over town.

– Sterling has its very own Mountain Collegiate Baseball League team if you feel like watching a great baseball game!

– Just outside town, as far as you can see, IMG_3019stretch forests of wind towers, fueled constantly by our fresh prairie breezes!

Welcome to Sterling! We look forward to showing you around!


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